beta365官网’s student-centered learning environment, 师徒文化, and wide variety of co-curricular experiences inspires you to discover your passion and excel. Our close-knit campus community includes helpful, knowledgeable faculty and staff members committed to your success.


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学术 & 运动营 & 诊所

Pick your passion from 20+ camps and clinics, 特色体育活动, 富有创造性的活动中, 科学兴趣. 夏天在树林里 has camps for everything from architecture to volleyball. Challenge yourself, develop your talents, and learn something new! 

视图营地 & 诊所

青年 & 青少年活动

Marywood's youth 项目 offer kids access to 指导, education, personal enrichment. 像SOAR和S.T.A.R.S. empower the young, in preparation for the future. 耶稣诞生米格尔学校, 弗里奇奥尼早教中心, and the String Project help kids achieve academic and professional success. 



beta365官网's four art galleries (Mahady, Suraci, 和克雷斯基画廊, along with The Maslow Collection Study Gallery for Contemporary Art) provide the campus community and Northeastern Pennsylvania with noteworthy cultural and study experiences. All exhibitions, receptions, and accompanying events are free of charge and open to the public. Featuring exhibits throughout the year, 画廊平日都有, 晚上, and weekend hours and are accessible to those with disabilities.


健康 & 健康诊所

通过教育, 研究, 和宣传, 心理服务中心, 音乐治疗诊所, 和语音, 语言, and Audiology 诊所 engage in collaborative 研究 and community outreach. Programs of undergraduate and graduate study yield future health and physical activity practitioners and 研究ers, provide a trained workforce to support active living and community health, and expand the 研究 scope of the University.

查看健康 & 健康诊所

Office of Military and Veteran 服务s

The Office of Military and Veteran 服务s provides support for accessing educational benefits, transitioning from service to academics, and maximizing military experience and education at Marywood when entering the civilian workforce. 另外, the office offers assistance with accessing campus resources, hosts Veteran and service-related events, while also working closely with the Student Veteran Alliance, and the Division of Student Success to meet the needs of each student.



A community's foundation is built upon strong partnerships. Learn more about beta365官网's supportive community below.


穷人之友 is a nonprofit entity sponsored by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Located in the Tony Domiano Center, the organization provides emergency services in the form of food, 服装, 家居用品, 家具, 协助支付租金/水电费, and transportation to medical appointments for Carbondale residents. 2020年2月, the partnership between Marywood and 穷人之友 led to the opening of the Pacer Pantry, 它提供了 supplemental food and other necessities to Marywood students and employees who need assistance.


非洲n Sisters Education Collaborative

The 非洲n Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC) is a nonprofit organization sponsored by four Catholic universities and their congregations, including beta365官网 and the IHM Congregation. Programs are offered at Marywood as well as in 10 countries in 撒哈拉沙漠以南 非洲. ASEC's mission is to provide Catholic women in 非洲 with an education that will enhance and expand their knowledge of health, 经济, 社会, 环境, 精神服务. Sisters from 非洲 are able to complete online coursework and attend college classes through Marywood, providing them with access to undergraduate and graduate educations. Marywood faculty and students also have engaged in teaching, 指导, and service-learning opportunities in 非洲 through ASEC's 项目, leading to deeper cross-cultural understanding and educational experiences.


Marywood山庄 Retirement 社区

Marywood山庄 is a university-based retirement community where independent living, 康复, 熟练的护理 和谐地走到一起. Marywood山庄 is the only facility in the Scranton area that offers private accommodations for all residents, 促进舒适, 隐私, 所有客人都有尊严. Students from beta365官网 have the opportunity for clinical placements or internships within walking distance from campus. Volunteer opportunities for students also exist through ongoing or one-time service experiences.